• profsolutionThe Professional Solution

    At TSWR Ltd we pride ourselves on providing a full complement of services to truly meet our clients’ individual requirements.

    We provide services for both commercial and domestic properties throughout the south and are recognised as being the best in our field.

    We have a team of skilled carpenters that offer a high degree of professionalism. All our work is fully insured and we do not expect final payment until you are totally satisfied. Full references available on request.

  • doubleglazingInstall double glazed units into existing frames

    Our unique sash design allows double glazed units up to 22mm thickness to be installed into your existing frames.

    Our bespoke sashes will replicate your existing sash details providing you with an energy efficient modern alternative without spoiling the character of your house.

    Enjoy the benefits of double glazing without the need to replace the entire window at minimal cost.

  • windowstrippingPay only 5% VAT on all weather stripping installation

    To encourage homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint the Government has lowered the rate of VAT for the installation of weather stripping to just 5% including all associated works.

    We can install weather stripping to your windows to reduce draughts by 30%